Grief Cleanse – part III

Journey Through Illness

Grief, Will you come out to speak?

Grief:  I am here with you.  I saw you watching Martha Graham’s dance, “Lamentation”, and I said, “Yes, Yes, Yes”; She – (you, Frances) is allowing herself to feel the sorrow and anguish.   I’m glad that you watched the piece tonight because in that piece, Martha is grief.  She is.. Me.  The feeling communicated through that dance is me.  I know that you know this.  I’m angst ridden, I spin my wheels, I push against boundaries, I make it hard for you to contain yourself.  I want to jump out of your skin.  I want to be set free, but by my very nature, I get no ultimate release.  There is no catharsis.  I’m screaming muffled screams.  I want you to stop what you are doing, stop acting like you have it all together, stop it.  I want you to pay…

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